Benefits of Using Wall Mural Decal


Wall mural decals have become highly popular and sought-after option for wall décor. They provide many benefits and are easy to install. The current article provides the key benefits of wall mural decals and the process of installing them.


The salient benefits of using wall mural decals are provided below:

Attractive and Bold Statement

Wall mural decal make use of impressive graphics elements which create an attractive and bold style statement. They can impress visitors to your home or office instantly. They leave a lasting impact on them and help them identify with your business.


Wall Art Stickers Photo
Wall Art Stickers Photo

Wall mural decals are very versatile. You can use them in your home or office in any space to get the desired look and feel. There are different wall mural decals available in the market and you can choose the one which best matches with your need and color theme.

Better than Paint

In some cases, wall mural decals are better than paint. Painting is a long process and it can take many days to complete the task for creating the desired impact. On the other hand, wall mural decals are quick and easy to install. If you have to finish a project fast then wall mural decals are definitely worth considering over painting.

How to Install Wall Mural Decal

The key steps to install wall mural decal are as follows:

Plan Judiciously

The first step in installing wall mural decal is to plan properly. You should take measurement of the wall you want to install the mural decal in. It is easier to make adjustments before installing the mural than after installing it.

Clean the Surface

Decorative Wall Stickers
Decorative Wall Stickers

The next step is to clean the surface on which you want to install the mural. Clean the wall using a soft damp cloth to remove any dust and debris which may compromise the adhesive strength of the mural. The wall must be completely dry before you apply the mural. Matte wall paint is best for sticking murals as it provides better adhesion. If your wall has glossy paint, then you should consider putting a coat of matte paint for best results.

Start with the Top

You need to remove plastic backing from the mural to get to the adhesive. You should always start with the top and take off the plastic backing as you go along instead of taking off the complete plastic backing and then pasting the mural. This will address any problems related to air bubbles or pinching of the material.

Slowly Peel and Press

Once the top of the mural is pasted, you should not hurry and work downwards slowly. You need to slowly peel the plastic backing and press the mural on the wall. You can step back frequently to see if the mural is perfectly straight and aligned.

Finish by Removing the Backing

The last step in pasting your wall mural decal is to remove the complete plastic backing and smooth the edges. If done correctly, the mural should be free from any bubbles and pinches and align perfectly with the wall. You can wipe down the decal with a warm, damp cloth to get better adhesion.

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