Ensure your Christmas Table Runner coordinates to match your dinnerware

Christmas time is a very special time of the year. Decking the halls, adding tinsels to the tree brings us to dress the holiday table. The family’s holiday meals are a very special moment and to make it the best adding Christmas table runner to the centerpiece lifts the festive spirit. You can pair it with a pretty setting and favorite holiday fabrics.

A good table runner goes a long way in making your dining room into a display for family and guests. It works as a cherry on the sundae top. However, before you start out picking different fabrics and styles, here are few tips to find the right choice:


The foremost thing to do is to lay your hands on a measuring tape and to measure your table length. For a rectangular long table draping across the front, a Christmas table runner looks elegant. It creates visual balance and helps to highlight the decorations or the main dishes on the table.

You can swathe the table runner with the table width by choosing a shorter length runner. However, for the best results, you may pair it with coordinated with other things.

Striped Table Runner
Striped Table Runner

Colors and Prints

Choosing from a variety of prints and colors is always unsettling for a table runner. It is a tricky job to get the right choice suitable for the occasion such that it coordinates with the other setting. You can also consider something in contrast to a table runner so that it is outstanding.

Whatever is the color or print you can decide how to complement the tableware. Even if it is a matter of choice, keeping the prints and colors to a minimum retains the polished appearance, besides it, makes coordinating and organizing easy for the holiday decorations.

Highlights of Christmas table runner

Dining Table Runner
Dining Table Runner

Regardless of whether you consider a Christmas theme or go with the same textures and colors, having some table linens changed is for the best. Holiday dinners are a great time and it gets messy that using the same tablecloth a couple of times can give a dingy look.

If you lack funds to purchase a tablecloth for Christmas dinner, you can avoid buying a new one. Instead, make a Christmas table runner. It will stay fresh and clean for a longer time. It can be styled and layered in various ways.

  • Table runners offer to the table a touch of class

If you wish to redecorate the living room, dining room or the kitchen without breaking your budget, give a new look to your room and dining area by jazzing up the dining table with table runners. The Christmas time being holiday time, you can find Christmas table runners in different ranges and choices. You can get in varying sizes, patterns, and bright colors to suit the table size, square, round, oval or rectangular.

  • Table runners: complement your table

The table cloth is a must as it ensures cleaning time is minimum post-meal. The tablecloths are easy to clean and use. They can have funky retro designs or even plain colors to suit the décor and style of your home. Ensure the table runners match with your dinnerware and tableware to get a coordinated look.

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