How to incorporate Wall Stickers for Kids into room interior

A few years ago, the decorative wall stickers for kids were a big hit when it comes to kids’ room decoration. Today, the interest in these wall stickers is still alive and it evolved into various forms: motivational inscriptions, kids’ books quotes, drawings and other decorative motifs. Wall stickers for kids have a great effect in the children’s room. Learn how to incorporate them into any interior for the maximum positive effects.

Choose wall stickers your kids will love

Cheerful, playful and at the same time minimalistic, square-shaped wall stickers, circular ones or cartoon characters placed on neutral-colored wall give the children’s room an effect of a happy, magical space with style.

Wall stickers for kids can be found in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Some people choose to decorate all four walls of the kids’ room, while others decide to use small details or a single, large sticker applied to a single wall or part of the wall. You can also decide to combine minimalist stickers in your own way, grouping them on the wall into a story. This will create an interesting, unique decoration that can even help your child’s development.

Smaller kids will love cartoon characters they know from their favourite cartoons. You can make your child’s dreams come true by making a collage story consisting of stickers of characters from different cartoons on a single wall. Kids aged 8 – 12 prefer interesting quotes combined with images according to their choice, while teenagers can choose their own motivational lines and their favourite book quotes.

A few tips on the design

It is the best to choose labels that consist of more self-adhesive individual parts that, depending on your imagination, can be glued to walls, furniture, and other smooth surfaces in different ways, forming various stories and motifs. Also, choose the wall stickers for kids that can be peeled off and re-positioned on a new wall, as your child might get bored with the same arrangement after several months.

If the colors dominant on the wall stickers for kids you chose are b, warm colors, like red, orange etc. or perhaps fluorescent colors that shine in dark, make sure you place them on a calm, neutral or pastel colors background. Don’t forget that the wall stickers for kids should not trigger aggression, nervousness or anxiety in kids. They should be interesting, but should not draw too much attention, as your child will also study, rest and sleep in that room.

On the other hand, if you are placing stickers in pastel or neutral colors, you can choose a more prominent background color which is in accordance with the sticker color and motif. For example, such amazing combinations of wall stickers for kids include rose and grey, yellow and grey, yellow and white, orange and white, golden and rose, baby blue and white, etc.

In conclusion, there are endless possibilities with wall stickers (homerises), especially when it comes to baby, child or teenagers room decoration.

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