Art Deco Wall Clock – What are the Top Features?

It is during the Industrial age that the Art Deco movement was founded. Any genuine vintage item of the Art Deco period comprises of geometric shapes, machine-like drawings and straight lines. Art Deco Wall Clock is a type of popular clock that is known for classic geometric lines and shapes reflective of the Art Deco period. These clocks can be found in simple and elegant designs as well as in intricate and fantastical patterns. However, all such clocks are reflective of the artistry of the 1920s. Find out about the top features of wall clocks in the Art Deco style.

Use of wood or metal

When the Art Deco movement first came into existence, there was widespread use of inlaid wood for the creation of wall clocks and other decorative items. In case you want a wall clock that comes in the Art Deco style and is constructed out of wood, look for one that is made out of ebony, mahogany or a similar exotic wood. It should have high gloss veneer and marquetry detailing, where a picture or design is formed by fitting inlaid veneers together and then used to achieve a decorative effect.

Art Deco Wall Clock can also be found in metals in almost any vintage retail shop. Typically, clocks made in the Art Deco style and made of metals can be availed in steel, gold, silver and chrome. A metallic clock in this style has an extremely futuristic appearance, and can suit any kind of decorative theme.

Use of bold colors

In Art Deco Wall Clock, one of the prime highlights is the use of attractive and bold colors like royal purple, peacock blue, bright red, canary yellow and emerald green. If you wish to improve the beauty of your indoor decor by introducing various colors, choose a clock in the Art Deco style having rich jewel tones. You can get such a wall clock in the black and white theme having modern and streamlined visual – that became popular during the ‘20s and ‘30s. These can be fantastic options for your home.

You can get these clocks in prominent colors of the Art Deco period, such as Primary Red, Silver, Bright Gold, Deep Blue, Bright Blue, Black & White and Primary Green. There is Art Deco Wall Clock available in various neutral colors such as cream, light gray and slightly darker shades. Monochromatic color palettes are available as well.

Geometric Pattern

This is another distinctive feature of the Art Deco period. Wall clocks themed in this style come with geometric patterns and sharp lines. You can find these clocks in shapes like triangles, chevrons or even zigzags. It was during the 1920s that round shaped wall clock became popular, and you can easily find wall clocks in this type of design. There are plenty of shapes to choose from when it comes to Art Deco Wall Clock for your home interiors. You need to get a wall clock in a design and pattern that fits your indoor decor the most.

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