Double Toilet Paper Holder

If you have a creative spirit and are looking for something original and particular even for the bathroom, you can indulge yourself by creating something imaginative, fun and pleasant to observe. You can, for example, use tree-shaped or climbing Double Toilet Paper Holder on whose branches paper rolls will be applied. That you could even buy in a colored version to recreate our tree even more faithfully.

This type of Double Toilet Paper Holder (Homerises) certainly requires more space than a classic toilet paper holder but it is undoubtedly an innovative and nice idea.

Valances for curtains or for the bathtub In the event that the space in the bathroom was not enough and you were therefore in need of something small and compact.

Double Toilet Paper Holder – In a wide range:

You could opt for Double Toilet Paper Holder. This accessory allows the insertion of more rolls inside each pocket, in order to keep them always clean and in order. The material can be different, from the most rustic to the most sought after and, having an infinite range of colors available.

Gold Double Toilet Paper Holder
Gold Modern Double Toilet Paper Holder

Double Toilet Paper Holder can be combined with the predominant shades in our bathroom, recalling the colors of our furnishing accessories or our accessories from the bathroom.

These ideas will surely make your guests smile, thus giving a touch of creativity and color to an accessory that is usually always quite ordinary. Let yourself be inspired by us and love your home.

Wall Mounted Double Toilet Paper Holder for each bathroom:

A wall-mounted Double Toilet Paper Holder is the support that must never be missing in every bathroom. Unlike the floor model, an accessory to be fixed to the wall is less cumbersome and much more practical.

From the point of view of hygiene, a wall-mounted Double Toilet Paper Holder is much easier to clean: say goodbye to annoying accumulations of dust, with a simple gesture your bathroom will be more spending and bright than ever.

Solid and stable, it will be enough to apply this accessory to the wall to always have soft and soft toilet paper at hand. Be sure to fix it at the right height and distance from the toilet.

The important thing is that the position is comfortable and that you can reach a wall-mounted toilet paper holder thanks to a simple gesture.

Double Toilet Paper Holder available in different styles:

Steel wall-mounted toilet paper holder:

Stainless Steel Double Toilet Paper Holder
Stainless Steel Double Toilet Paper Holder

Perfect for those who love practicality, the toilet roll holder in the material with chromed shades is the most popular option, as it is durable and easy to clean;

Wooden wall-mounted toilet paper holder:

Ideal for a room where furniture with sweet veins and warm colors dwell, the bathroom accessory made of wood gives the walls an extra touch of nature;

Wall-mounted toilet paper holder:

Made with different types of fabric, the fabric toilet paper holder is perfect in a country or shabby chic bathroom area.

When you think of a wall-mounted Double Toilet Paper Holder, everyone imagines a classic object, with standard shapes and lines. You will soon have to change your mind because this bathroom accessory could become a relevant detail for the style of the room.

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