Double Robe Hook

Double Robe Hook is the most needed accessories which you should install in your bathroom. It helps in many ways in the bathroom, toilet, store room, and thus many other places.

Some Double Robe Hook for bathrooms combines the functions of towel rail and radiator. They are called dry towel radiators and can also be murals. The Double Robe Hook radiators are formed by a heating structure and some bars to hang the towels. In addition to the clothes, they also heat the piece.

Double Robe Hook can be the small solution for towels or bathrobe. They occupy little space and are very practical.

Gold Robe Hooks
Double Gold Robe Hooks

Currently, the Double Robe Hook is using a method that is easier to install and use. And are the adhesives, these hooks allow easier installation within reach of all people, thus allowing to place them in a simpler and faster way.

Advantages of Double Robe Hook with adhesives:

Accessories with adhesive for the bathroom are becoming more fashionable. And the fact is that the drill is a nuisance for many people. The need to drill the wall, dirty the bathroom and leave the hole in the wall does not attract many attentions. However, many people doubt the resistance of the accessories with adhesive. Therefore, we are going to give you some advantages of these bathroom accessories.

The truth is that yes, this Double Robe Hook is just as safe as those that are installed by the drill. All you have to do is place them correctly following a series of steps. The first thing to do is to choose an area to place the accessory and clean it with alcohol to dry it later and apply the 3M primer that prepares the wall for the adhesive. Then we will have to heat the wall and the adhesive with a dryer.

Keep in mind that this type of accessories must be installed on a totally smooth surface, such as tiles, porcelain, marble, granite, glass, polyester or melamine woods.

They cannot be placed in wavy, rough tiles, slate, tile, tile joints, painted walls and lacquered woods.

As you can see, one of the main advantages of this accessory is the ease of its installation, since it is quick and easy. Also, tiles are not damaged and we avoid breaking any pipes.

How is the Double Robe Hook for the bathrooms?

The bathroom accessories are designed to hold enough weight. In this way, we could hang up to 10 towels on the same Double Robe Hook and this would hold without any problems. The price of the accessories with adhesive does not vary in relation to those that are installed with a drill, but they are only available for certain brands.

Double Brass Robe Hook
Bathroom Antique Brass Double Robe Hook

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