Why Use Round Table Cloths in Restaurants


Using round table cloths on restaurant tables can add to the visual aesthetics. It can make the restaurant a cozier and more intimate place to dine. There are many choices for table cloths in the market which you can choose from. Some of the salient benefits of using round table cloths in restaurants are as follows:m

Better Style and Impact

A clear benefit of using round table cloths on the restaurant tables is the style you can create with them and the impact which they leave on the customers. Most popular restaurants use high-quality table cloths on the tables to create a rich, sophisticated, and visually appealing look and feel for their customers. Customers tend to associate good quality furnishings and table cloths with a premium restaurant. A study revealed that 75% of the U.S. diners associate the use of table linens with good quality food. This provides them a compelling reason to visit the restaurant more regularly and they are more likely to pay a premium on the pricing due to high perceived value of the restaurant and food.

Plaid Tablecloth
Plaid Tablecloth

Versatility in Styling

Another advantage of using round table cloths in restaurant tables is that they come in different materials and colors. You can choose from the ones which match best with your restaurant’s color theme and specific requirements. You can opt for cotton, synthetic, or silk round table cloths which can add greater style quotient to the restaurant. These round table cloths are also available in different patterns which can add a dash of elegance and sophistication to the restaurant. It is likely to leave a good and lasting impression on your customers and they would want to visit your restaurant more frequently.

Vintage Round Tablecloth
Vintage Round Tablecloth

More Hygiene

While you may not realize it, restaurant tables can be one of the most infested surfaces in a restaurant. They may look clean to you but in reality, they can be excellent breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microbes. The use of good quality round table cloth helps to address this problem. The table cloth can be cleaned and washed regularly to keep it clean from bacteria infestation. This enhances the hygiene and sanitary appeal of the restaurant and is taken positively by the customers.

Protects the Tables

Restaurant tables can be subjected to high degree of wear and tear. The food can be spilled on them regularly which can cause damages to the surface. Frequent spillage can also leave behind food stains which will look ugly if left uncovered. Using round table cloth is a good way to cover and protect your restaurant tables. It will protect the table from food spillage and other types of wear and tear and increase its longevity.


Buying good quality round table cloths is not too expensive. You can buy them at affordable rates. They are also relatively easy to clean and maintain and don’t involve much expenses or time. With proper maintenance and care, they can last for a long time which adds to their cost-effectiveness in the long run.

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