Square Tablecloths, a versatile tablecloth for all the events

Square Tablecloths, a versatile tablecloth for all the events

Buying tablecloth is not always a difficult process, although the fact is that most of us have stood at the linen stores looking at the wide selection of square tablecloths to decide the perfect one. If you are looking for new linens in the market and wish to know the way to get started, here are a few helpful tips.

A tablecloth to most people is a mere tablecloth, but there are characteristics such as round, rectangular and square tablecloths. Here are some valuable shopping tips:

Cotton Linen Square Tablecloth

Square tablecloths for wedding

Before starting to browse for square tablecloths, ensure you know the answers for a few questions that you must ask before shopping:

  • What is the size of square tablecloths that make sense as venue type or wedding theme?
  • Will there be layering on the tables with table runners or with linens?
  • Do you need matching tablecloths so that it pairs with napkins and chair covers.


The square tablecloths are available in a range of sizes and they are linen fabrics available in cut to fit sized tables. People, who estimate or guess the table sizes, end with unusable tablecloths for the event. Thus, instead of guessing, it is best to consider the sizing tool for the tablecloth. There is a free sizing tool allowing the users to find out different tables and lines sizes and to make a prefect selection of tablecloth.

Why size matters?

The size of the tablecloth matters as it affects the tables overall look. It is about considering a full drop as the contemporary linen for table offering a formal look, while the half drop as a casual look.

The measurement of a square table is considered from one side and the drop is calculated by subtracting the length of the table from the linen length and dividing by two. For instance, a 36 x 36 ” table and 85×85″ tablecloth means, you must minus 36 from 85 = 49 and diving by 2 to consider as the final drop = 24.5″.

Blue Square Tablecloth

A thumb rule is that the drop length 30″ hangs to the floor, while having 15″ as drop length allows the hangs halfway to the floor. The tables vary in height and it may drop lower or higher than halfway to tabletop from floor.

Knowing the table linens size, you may select the fabric of the tablecloth. generally the tablecloths come in satin, polyester, burlap, damask, and many other blends such as linen/cotton and polyester/cotton.

Best way of determining the tablecloth linen?

Initiate by choosing the color palatte or wedding theme and the commonly used material for tablecloth is polyester and this is owing to its durability and resistance to wrinkling and stains. Outdoor or indoor use, polyester is the best suitable for weddings.

Satin is also a well-known fabric for its silky feel and high luminosity making it an ideal choice highlighting event tables such as the gifts table r the cake. it creates and elegant, upscale ambiance and the materials such as poly/cotton, damask, and linen/cotton, are heavy fabrics for tablecloth that it offers a luxurious cloth. Burlap is the right choice of tablecloth for rustic theme weddings.