Kitchen Ceiling Lights Give Your Kitchen A Warm Ambience

A kitchen is not just a place for cooking and eating. It is a place where sometimes your kids to their homework while chatting with you. It is a place that you make your lists of things to buy. Of course, you do the preparation for the meal and do the actual cooking in the kitchen. Kitchens need a variety of lights and that include the kitchen ceiling lights. You also need lights inside the various cabinets and near the cooking counter.

Different Kinds Of Lighting For Your Kitchen

Outdoor Ceiling Lights
Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Your kitchen will ideally need three types of lighting. You need ambient lighting which will be the main source that will either add to natural lighting or replace it at night. This can be a combination of lights including different types of kitchen ceiling lights. Then you have the task lights that will enable you to do your task well and also illuminate your cabinets. Accent lighting is an addition that you can have with any of these lights we mentioned.

All these lights can be interchanged with one another. The ceiling lights that you fix can become any of these lights in the kitchen depending on where you fix them and how bright they are. The ceiling is the best place in a kitchen to give you enough light to carry on your work while also giving it a warm and cozy feeling.

How To Use Kitchen Ceiling Lights?

Small Ceiling Lights
Small Ceiling Lights

You must use the ceiling lights in a way that they give you the right amount of lighting. These can be a combination of pendant lights hanging down to focus areas and flush mount or recessed ceiling lights. Recessed ceiling lights are the best choice for your kitchen. If it is a small kitchen you can have one flush mount light in the middle. But if it is a larger kitchen you can use multiple recessed kitchen ceiling lights at strategic points to give even lighting to your kitchen.

You can have a set of pendant lights installed over the kitchen island to light up properly. These must be hung at around 30-32 inches from the surface of the island. The two lights must be around 30 inches away from the center of the island.

Using The Recessed Lights To Best Use

Recessed kitchen ceiling lights can be used very smartly to light up areas of interest in your kitchen and make them work as accent lighting for your kitchen. You can place them over open shelves and glass cabinets to highlight their look. You can place them between the cabinet top and the ceiling to create a dramatic effect. You can place it near the wall to reflect the light from the walls to make them less harsh.

Understanding The Recessed Light

A recessed light basically consists of two parts. One is the portion that is not seen by anyone and is called the housing. This will be concealed in the ceiling and will have bulb holder, mounting and other electrical parts. The trim is the portion that people see. This can be used to aesthetically enhance the look of your ceiling. The trim of the recessed kitchen ceiling lights can be used to change the direction of the light if you want to highlight an object. There are different types of trims which you can select depending on how you want the light to appear.